Greek Marinade - Grilled Snapper


- Organic Greek Spice Mix

- Olive Oil

- Fresh Lemons

- Snapper

- Parsley


Step 1- Carve the snapper, I normally do three carves on either side no dead straight, on an angle.

Step 2- Pour some good extra virgin olive oil in a bowl until its half full, pour the same amount of lemon juice, now you add a table spoon of my Greek spice rub. Mix it through with a fork and dip your finger in too try it, add more if you need to, and same goes for the lemon and olive oil. It all depends on your palate.

Step 3- Brush the snapper with the marinade, and continue coating the snapper after you have put it on the BBQ. This method goes for all the fish I grill over the coals, and I also use a grilling basket this helps with the fish from sticking to the BBQ and just makes it easier.

Step 4- Once the fish is cooked transfer it to a serving tray or board and coat it with your marinade, chop up some fresh garlic and throw it on and your done! 



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