Home grown ROOSTER Immunity STOCK!!


- 1x large rooster (or chicken)

- 4 Onions 

- 6-7 cloves of garlic

- 2 Bay leaves

- Lemon Grass Stalk (Optional)

- A bunch of celery

- Bunch of shallots

- Carrots (2-3)

- Turmeric (fresh or dry)

- Ginger 

- Fresh Coriander Root (If you like Coriander) (Optional)

- Fresh Parsley

- Salt 


- Juice of 3 lemons or Limes


Step 1- Throw all your veges in your pot, fry everything up releasing all the flavors. Then throw in your chicken or rooster. You can cut your chicken or rooster  into 4 if you like. Its easier to work with.

Step 2- Boil your kettle and carefully pour the water into the pot. Put your pot on simmer so its only just boiling for up to 5 hours.

Step 3- Once its done, drain all the veges and chicken out. You want to keep the chicken so wait till it cools and deb one the meat off it and throw it back into the clear stock. Add half a glass of rice and slowly cook that up. At this point your stock is done. 


Step 4- Cut up some fresh veges, like fresh beans, squash, celery, chives, whatever you have that's fresh. I wouldn't put tomato stick to greens, you could even cut up spinach or even kale and put that through it.

Step 5- Now it gets a little tricky, you can either use the traditional method and whisk or us the machine. So you want to crack 4 eggs in a bowl, squeeze four lemons in a jar and add some cold water from the fridge in the lemon juice about half a glass. Now grab a spoon and fill up a mug of liquid from the stock. Now once your eggs are properly whisked, slowly pour the lemon juice while your whisking and then slowly add the warm stock from the mug. Now you should get a frothy consistency. Once it starts frothing keep on whisking until you think the froth has reached its maximum potential. And then pour it back in the soup.

Step 6- Now your pretty much done, it should be perfectly garnished with lemon, you may need to add salt. I chopped up some fresh chives and coriander and added a big spoon of my home made red chili sauce!!




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