- Celery (Small Bunch)

- Garlic (6-7 cloves)

- Ginger (2x thumb pieces)

- Turmeric (2-3 teaspoons)

- Shallots (1x bunch)

- Fresh coriander (if you like coriander because I know you either love it or hate it)

- Parsley (small bunch)

- Onions (4)

- Lemon Grass (If you have)

- Kaffir lime leaves (4 leaves)

- Carrots (2-3)

- Generous with salt

- Pepper

- Bay leaves (2-3)

- Chili paste or fresh chili depending on how much you can handle, I would recommend chili as it opens up your sines and airways as it gets the air flowing through your nose.


Step 1-  Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees. Then place the onions , garlic, celery, carrots, pepper corns. And roast them for about 15 minutes just to activate all the aromas they release.

Step 2- In your pot, you can add some coconut oil or some nice quality olive oil and fry off the rest of the veges and spices, generally once you have finished frying them up the veggies should be ready to be taken out of the oven and thrown straight into the pot. Fry everything up for a bit, while this is happening fill up your kettle and put it to boil.

Step 3- Once your kettle has boiled carefully pour the boiling water into the pot, it may need more than one kettle so just boil more water and add more water. Once you get the water right, put the pot on simmer and let that simmer for 2-3 hours

Step 4- Drain all the veggies, you can put all your veggies in a blender if you like and have them like a pumpkin soup vibe, or you can discard them to your chickens if you have chickens or just in the bin.

Garnish, with lemon, and salt, you can also add some rice in it after you drain it just to add a little more depth to your stock. And i recommend everyone to be sipping on that throughout the day, young and old to keep your immunity up!


Note- If you have a garden just walk through it, and collect whatever is fresh and throw it in the pot that is what i generally do. But for those that don't that is also fine just go to your local fruit shop or farmers market and purchase as many wholesome veggies as possible

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