Oven Baked Wild caught fish


- You can use a variety of fish, (snapper, rock cod, goat fish, bream, black fish, black drummer)

- Greek Spice Mix

- Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Lemons (1 Large)

- Cherry Tomatoes ( 1 punnet)

- Garlic Cloves (2)

- Onion (1)


1- Make sure the snapper has been scaled and gutted, you can ask the fish shop to do this if it hasn't been done already. 

2- With a sharp knife, carve three slices on each side of the snapper. You want the slices running just below the top of the fish to the stomach and on an angle. You don't want to go deep and your knife hit the bone of the fish, once the knife pierces the kin of the fish then its sweet.

3- Now its time to make the  for marinate the fish in my opinion its the most important part. Get a bowl and in the bowl pour your good olive oil in there with a ratio 1 to 1 with lemon. Put 1 1/2 table spoons of the Greek spice mix in the bowl with the lemon and olive oil and give it a good whisk with a fork. You may want to add salt to taste.

4- Chop up the onion just roughly in pieces that will fit in the stomach of the fish. Wash the cherry tomatoes, they don't have to be chopped as they will be scattered on the baking tray as is, mainly to add some color to the dish.

5- Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees

6- Put a layer of baking paper on the base of the tray and lay the snapper on top. With the marinade get a brush, if your don't have a brush just pour the marinade straight onto the fish. With your hands get get the marinade in the stomach of the fish, in the slices you done one each side, make sure the fish is covered. If there isn't enough marinade make up some more. The onions that you sliced up, open up the stomach and fill it up. Scatter the cherry tomatoes and the garlic.

7- Slide your tray in the oven, drop the heat down to 180 degree's at 30 min into cooking have a look at the fish and see how its going, generally at this time i increase it to 200 degrees and leave it for another 15 to 20 min, this also depends on the size of the fish. The way I use to check if the fish is ready, i get a fork and seeing if the meat separates easily from the spine of the fish. When that happens YOUR DONE!!

8- You may want to garnish it with lemon or it may need salt! But that just depends on your palate!




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