Pickled Wild Rabbit


- Young wild rabbits (2)

- Light olive oil

- Water

- White Vinegar

- Salt (1 table spoon)

- Fresh Rosemary sprigs (3)

- Pepper Corns ( 2 tablespoons)

- Garlic Cloves (4)

- Red Chillies (3) Optional

- The Bald Chef's (Greek Spice mix)

- Bay Leaf (6)


1- First you want to cut up your rabbit into pieces, remove the two back legs, remove the shoulders, then cut pieces across the back strap of the rabbit about 3cm thick and remove the ribs.

2- Overnight of for at least 2 hours, you want to place all the pieces of rabbit into a bowl and marinate the rabbit with a few squirts of olive oil, my (Greek Spice mix, 2 table spoons), add a few splashes of vinegar, then place in fridge.

3- Then source a pot with a lid, put it on the lowest heat and add 1/3 light olive oil, and the rest boiling water from the kettle water. You want the water to cover the rabbit by 1cm. Add 3 bay leaves, some salt, 2 cloves of garlic and a few splashes of vinegar. Once the rabbit starts to simmer, put it on low and cook it until the meat JUST begins to come off the bone. Remove it off the stove and let it cool.

4- While your rabbit is cooling, find a seal able jar or jars that'll fit the rabbit, and sterilize them with boiling water from the kettle. Put them upside down to dry, watch you don't burn yourself handle the jars with a towel.

5- Place the rabbit that has cooled down, into the sterilized jars. You want in each jar at least 2 bay leaves, 2 cloves of garlic, a tables spoon of pepper corns, 2 sprigs of rosemary. At this stage of the recipe you can get creative and put whatever you want in the jars really.

6- Now on the stove get a little pot and add your white vinegar and 1 1/2 table spoons of salt and begin to heat it up until the salt dissolves. Let the mixture cool down a little and pour it into the jars with the rabbit. In each jar you want to have 3/4's to 2/3's of vinegar and the rest water.

7- Let the Jars cool and then put them in the fridge, the rabbit will be ready to eat in 1 week if your inpatient the longer you leave it the better it will taste as the flavors of all the herbs will infuse. 


- Breakfast: Pull apart the meat, cracked 4 eggs, throw the meat in the pan with some good olive oil followed by the eggs and your done!

- Starter: I enjoy eating this , with different sides, fresh cucumber, tomato, chilies, and fresh bread. It really goes down well with a beer or some good quality home made moon shine and some good company of course.




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