Venison Steaks cooked in the Cast Iron Pan


- 2kg of venison steak (back strap, rump, top side, eye fillets) (Trim off as much silver skin) 

- 2 tablespoons of Wild game spice 

- Extra virgin light olive oil 

- Worcestershire sauce (3x table spoons) 

- Soy sauce (2x table spoons) 

- Salt and Pepper to taste 

- 1x lemon juice 

- Butter 

- Garlic 


Step 1

Slice up your steaks against the grain, around 1.5 cm thick. Pat them dry, and throw them in a stainless steel bowl. 

Step 2 

It’s marinating time, Drizzle enough olive oil for each steak to have a light coat on each side, followed by soy sauce, Worcestershire  and Wild game spice. I like to do this minimum 1 hour before cooking, if you have time even the night before is better 

Step 3 

Get your cast iron pan super hot, drop in the butter so it can cover about 1 cm of the bottom of the pan, once that’s sizzling throw in the steaks. As you begin to see blood coming from the top of the steak, flip it and do the following in the other side. Then throw in the garlic, constantly get a table spoon and continue pasting the steak with the garlic butter. 

Step 4

Once there done take them out of the pan, put them on a serving board or a platter and cover them with foil for 7 minutes allowing them to rest. Then slice it up , garnish with lemon, salt and pepper and serve! 


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