Wild Game Vietnamese Pho Stock from scratch


- Kangaroo bones cut into pieces to expose the marrow (1 kg)

- Venison ribs or brisket (1 1/2 kg)

- 7 large white onions

- 1 large bulb of Garlic

- 10cm by 6cm piece of ginger

- 1 1/2 tables spoons of pepper corns

- 3 tables spoons of coriander

- 8 star anise

- 1 cinnamon stick

- Salt


Step 1- Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees

Step 2- Chop up the onions in half with the SKIN on, this will add to the color of the stock. Do the same with the garlic and ginger, put aside.

Step 3- Grab a baking tray and lay the veggies in the tray all facing up drizzle some lemon on them, and roast them until they begin to change color and there aromas are released. Once this is done, throw them in your pot.

Step 4- Lay your meat in another baking tray, and repeat this process. I would highly recommend cooking these over an open fire, gives it a charcoal flavour and i think it adds a little depth to your cooking experience. I love cooking the veggies like this as well, over roasting them in the oven.

Step 5- Once your done roasting the bones and brisket, throw them in the pot with the veggies.

Step 6- In a non stick fry pan or skillet slowly roast the herbs, please dont burn them though. Once they begin to brown and your able to smell all the amazing aromas there done. It normally takes roughly 5 minutes. Throw them in the pot once your done. 

Step 7- Boil some water, and begin to add it to your pot. Fill your pot up and turn the heat on high, once it starts boiling drop your heat and simmer it for at least 6 hours, add salt throughout the cooking but always taste it as your go.

Remember the stock will taste different 2 hours in compared to 6 hours in so give it a chance be patient. Once your happy with the taste, put it through a colander and your stock is done. 


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